For the perfect intimate wedding venue, choose our new ‘The Hide’ experience


Discover our new and exclusive experience nestled in The Cotswolds acres, our new outdoor space ‘The Hide’ is the perfect space to enjoy intimate weddings and create extraordinary memories. The Hide is an outdoor experience with natural beauty and a variety of exquisite dining options, making it the ultimate intimate wedding venue.  

Our new gem in The Cotswolds 

The Hide is officially open to those wanting to enjoy special moments in our stunning outdoor space. Amongst the grounds vast landscape and the rolling countryside you’ll find The Hide, peacefully tucked away but bold in its beauty. The Hide has been created to offer a truly exclusive and unique experience. It’s a private hideaway that can be hired for those special moments and would make the perfect intimate wedding venue. 

Weddings at The Hide 

The Hide experience allows you to have a beautifully private wedding ceremony that you and your guests can enjoy. Enjoy a unique outdoor wedding here and explore the phenomenal grounds later on to continue the celebrations. 

Weddings at the Greenway and specifically The Hide are luxurious and blissful everything you would want on your special day. We take care of everything for you from providing an intimate wedding venue to supplying award-winning dining options that cater to you and all your guests. Cosy, beautiful and memorable The Hide is the perfect place to say I do. 

If you would prefer a larger celebration after your intimate ceremony, visit the website for more venue options. 

Why choose an intimate, private wedding venue? 

As you may know the big day can be stressful and comes with a lot of pressure. The Hide has been designed with this in mind and offers happy couples a chance to opt for a more relaxed environment out in the countryside, to ease those stresses. The natural serenity of The Hide is great to settle nerves, and puts you at the centre of your wedding, not your worries or fears. 

Choosing an intimate wedding venue also guarantees that you will be able to spend quality time with those that truly matter, your loved ones. Standard weddings can become overwhelming with hundreds of guests to greet and stay on top of, your special day becomes more about pleasing others than it does enjoying yourself. The intimacy this type of wedding venue offers adds to the experience, with the privacy allowing you to make room for more meaningful moments. 

The Hide is also a great intimate wedding venue due to its uniqueness, you no longer have to conform to the traditional wedding venues. Choosing to have your wedding here would make it even more special and sets your wedding apart from most others. 

Our exclusive The Hide menus will be coming soon, for you to view our delicious selection of high quality food. 

Opt for an intimate wedding and create magical moments and memories with your loved ones at The Hide. 

To book your exclusive experience or for more information on weddings and The Hide functions call the team on 01242 862 352. 

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