Love in full bloom: 10 spring creative date ideas for couples

Spring brings with it new life and a chance to introduce more creative date ideas. If you’re looking to surprise your partner and enjoy the ultimate romantic season, against the picturesque backdrop of the Cotswolds and Cheltenham, discover our top 10 unique spring date ideas…

1. A romantic picnic People sit on gingham picnic blanket, grapes on a plate - creative date ideas

Embrace the charm of spring with a delightful picnic among the blossoming meadows. Pack a basket with your favourite treats, a cosy blanket, and find a secluded spot to enjoy each other’s company with this creative date idea. There’s plenty of perfect picnic spaces to choose from in the Cotswolds and Cheltenham, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

2. Pamper your partner at Elan Spa Couple interacting by loungers near the pool. Enjoy the Elan Spa as part of your creative date ideas

There’s nothing quite like a romantic spa day during your stay at the award-winning Greenway Hotel. Indulge in relaxation at Elan Spa, and pamper yourselves with rejuvenating spa treatments, letting the tranquil atmosphere and skilled therapists enhance your connection.

3. Experience a wine tasting sessionLocal wine tasting, a creative date idea in the Cotswolds

Wining and dining your partner is always going to go down well, and when you embark on a wine tasting journey it adds a level of unbeatable class to your creative date ideas. Explore the local wineries in the Cotswolds, savour the flavours of exquisite wines hand in hand, whilst creating lasting memories in the vineyard’s greenery.

4. Journey along Romantic RoadRomantic road makes for a very creative date idea

As one of the official Great British Drives the Cotswolds Romantic Road is rightly named. Featuring some of the most beautiful Cotswolds towns and villages, churches, country towns and gardens, this scenic drive creates a gloriously picturesque backdrop. This romantic date idea gives you the chance to hit the road and explore your beautiful surroundings with your other half. 

5. Fall in love with the local flower fieldsYour creative date ideas could include a floral meadow to enjoy one another's company

Known for its flower-filled meadows, Cheltenham is the ideal place to lose yourself in a sea of colours and fragrances, hand in hand with your loved one. This romantic setting is perfect for heartfelt conversations, especially during springtime when the flowers begin to bloom. 

6. Take your date to new heightsThree hot air balloons ascending into a blue and coral sky, surrounded by red-flowered fields

Soar to new heights with a hot air balloon ride, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding area, this creative date idea is bound to impress your lover. Share the magic of floating above the landscape and feeling the gentle breeze as you soak up some quality time together.

After a fun-filled day, slink back to your luxuriously furnished hotel room, cuddle up with one another, and enjoy the best sleep of your life in our comfortable beds. 

7. Indulge in an intimate dining experienceEnjoy a Valentine's Day dinner for two at The Greenway

Treat your taste buds to an elegant dining experience at the Greenway Hotel’s Garden Room Restaurant. Gaze over the beautiful sunken garden and lily pond in this romantic setting, all whilst you immerse your taste buds with dishes from our carefully curated menus. What better way to ignite the flames of love for you and that special someone than through excellent food?

8. Afternoon tea for twoIndulge in couple's afternoon tea for a creative date idea

Enjoy the elegance of a traditional afternoon tea at Greenway Hotel for your next creative date idea, surrounded by lush green gardens. Sip on deliciously hot teas and savour delectable treats, in a refined and intimate atmosphere. 

9. Outdoor cinema screeningCouple waiting for the outdoor cinema screening to begin in camping chairs

Under the spring night sky, experience the magic of an outdoor cinema screening. Cosy up with your significant other, and enjoy a movie night beneath the stars to finish your stay and top off your romancing efforts. 

10. Watch the sunsetSunset over rolling Cotswold fields

Wrap up your spring creative date ideas, with a simple, yet beautiful view of the sunset from a scenic vantage point. Share a quiet moment as the sky transforms into a canvas of warm hues, and reflect on your romantic trip together before it comes to an end. 

This spring, connect and create precious memories with the one you love, in the beautifully romantic Cheltenham. To make your spring even more special, we’re offering an exclusive offer tailored for couples, in the hope of turning your creative date ideas into reality. Book your spring stay and offer today.

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